We offer a selection of vintage bicycles.
Some are factory restored in keeping with the original aesthetic.
Others are customised mixing old and new technologies : Racer, Scrambler or Cruiser.
We attribute a design and a new soul to each of our bicycles.
After a few adjustments to make the bike fit you, it will be ready to ride!
We offer a free checkup service three weeks after purchase.

The creation of your bicycle starts by first choosing a frame, considering your size and taste, it can be refurbished or completely repainted in a colour of your choice.
You can then choose each component of the bike using our “Build your own bike”
wall which will guide you through the different possibilities.
Our carefully selected vintage frames are built to last and date from the 1930’s to 1980’s.
We at Auguste Handmade aim to create bicycles our customers will cherish for generations.